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How to Import Toys From China: A Complete Guide

Toys will always appeal to people regardless of age. Basically, we all grew up playing with our favorite childhood toys. As adults, there are still toys that cater to grown men and women. Nonetheless, toys bring joy and satisfaction no matter how old you are. If you want to create your own business and passionate [...]

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Trading Company VS Manufacturer in China

If you are looking for a supplier in China, you may stumble upon two major types of suppliers – manufacturers themselves and trading companies. The two are very much different in terms of business structure. In simpler terms, trading companies are often dubbed as “middlemen” for direct manufacturers. Trading companies often get bad raps from [...]

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Why a Sourcing Agent in China is Important

Starting a business is a tedious process. For one, you’ll have to take care of necessary permits to make your business legal in your respective country. You also have to create a sound business plan to run your business and ensure it will create profit in the long-term. More importantly, you should have a reliable [...]

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Shipping from China to Amazon FBA: The Complete Guide

Being a new Amazon seller can be challenging yet fulfilling feeling. But finding a good and reliable product supplier from China is another thing to hurdle especially for first-timers. But once you get the gist of it, product importation can be as easy pie. Well… not really. In fact, product sourcing is just the first [...]

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10 Tips on Reducing Shipping Cost When Importing From China

Over the years, China has grown into one of the world’s powerful countries in terms of technological and economic development. It is also home to thousands of mega-factories offering various products to all suppliers all over the world. Importing products from China is also a great way to start an online business especially if you [...]

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How to Find Best Clothing Manufacturers in China

If you are planning to start your own apparel line or fashion collection, the most go-to place is in China. We all know how China is known for its vast array of offered goods – from shoes, clothing, novelty items, toys, and even industrial tools and machinery. Plus, China mostly offers affordable products and cheap [...]

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How to Source Products From China

Product sourcing can be a challenging task especially for start-up businesses. For one thing, the entire sourcing and importation process can be intricate. Having the items delivered in its destination country, especially if you are sourcing and importing from China, is another hurdle to tackle. There may also be communication problems especially if they only [...]

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Canton Fair 2019: The Complete Guide

One of the most highly-anticipated trade international trade fair in the world is the Canton Fair. Held twice a year – one in April and another in October – the Canton Fair is the ultimate importers and suppliers’ hub and has been around for more than 50 years. Every year, more than 180,000 buyers and [...]

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Best Products to Import from China

One of the most common dilemmas of business start-ups is choosing the best products to sell. Aside from items to sell, another challenge may have to solve is finding the right supplier to get their products from. With a lot of suppliers all over the world, it can be hard to select a reliable and [...]

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How to Import Products from China to USA

China has been one of the most in-demand product suppliers and manufacturers all over the world. From shoes, electronics, clothing, and many more, China has since become a business hub and provided the world with products that is at par with other highly-industrialized countries in terms of quality and a wide variety of options. However, [...]

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